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The 12 Vermouths of Christmas: Part 1

by Helena Bilney and Greta Inglis

Our pick of 12 vermouths for Christmas...

1. Rofes Vermut Rojo & Rofes Antic Reserve

Vermouth Rofes was founded in 1890 by Marcellí Rofes Sancho who was a pioneer in the production of vermouth in Reus, a city in the province of Tarragona, Spain. The old vermouth factory has now been turned into Vermouth Rofes Restaurant which beautifully blends tradition with its vermouth and aesthetic of old cellars, in combination with avant-garde cuisine.

Rofes Vermut Rojo and Antic Reserve are double macerated and aged in oak, meaning these two vermouths hold a wonderful deep flavours. The Antic Reserve is Rofes' own unique recipe- smooth and refined to take you on a journey of intensity. However, despite its depth it's not too heavy and still goes down a treat with hints of orange and cinnamon.

Rofes Vermut Rojo is best paired with pickled tapas such as pickled peppers or anchovies as the vinegar compliments the sweetness of the vermouth and balances out the palate.

A perfect warmer for those winter evenings this Christmas! Check out if you would like to find out more or grab yourself a bottle!

2. Montseta rosado

Montseta is tribute to Montse, co-founder of the company behind this wonderful vermouth. Now produced and distributed by Lisard and Esther Bellod, of Magatzem del Vermut, Montseta group has gained International recognition (and a fan club here at El Vermut!).

Montseta Rosado boasts multiple layers of flavour... this is a vermouth that will awaken your taste buds- a twist on tradition, with notes of berries and Mediterranean herbs.

If you're after something a little lighter and more refreshing, look no further than Montseta Rosado. Macerated with bitter Picota cherries, this recipe is steeped in history passed down through generations.

Want to learn more about our Montseta range? Check out our online shop at:

3. Fot-Li rojo

Fot-Li Vermut comes from another superb producer in Catalonia, who only began producing vermouth recently. With a stunning art deco label, inspired by Catalan Modernists, Fot-Li stands out for elegance - not just in design but in quality of the drink itself.

Produced using white Grenache grapes, Fot-Li Rojo offers notes of hazelnut and vanilla. Dark brown with amber hues, Fotli is rounded, balanced and very smooth. Notes of sage and bitter orange.

Fot-Li is perfect for those winter nights in. Visit for more information!

4. Cori Blanco

Brought to life by the team behind the Museu del Vermut in Reus, Catalonia (the world's only vermouth museum), Cori blanco is a balanced white with a touch of bitterness.

Cori is our go-to for Martinis as one of our dry white options. To find out more take a look here:

5. St Petroni

If you're looking for something a bit different then Petroni is the one for you! Produced in Valle de Padrón, Galicia, this wonderful white blends Albariño grapes with 28 native plants and herbs. Stand out flavours include wormwood, thyme and lemon.

Our recommendation: Try St Petroni and tonic over ice - add a sprig of mint for the perfect serve.

6. Padro & Co Amargo Suave

This beautiful amber vermouth is the one for lovers of an intense, herbal flavour. Woodland herbs, tobacco leaf and gentian combine for the punchy Padro Suave. Smooth with a touch of lemon and bitter orange.

Find out more about Padro & Co here:

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