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The 12 Vermouths of Christmas Part 2

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

By Helena Bilney

Here it is... part 2 of 12 vermouths of Christmas. Our list of must-have options!

7. Carmeleta Naranja

Kicking it off is the fabulous Carmeleta, championing vermouth with a difference. Founded 10 years ago, Carmeleta is a relatively new producer based in Valencia, land of the orange tree. So, you may wonder, why is it called Carmeleta?

The producer wanted a name that signified a woman- as women and grandmothers are seen to drive unity in the Spanish familial home and bring people together at the table. Representing this imagery is Carmeleta, the face that adorns each bottle. Carmeleta naranja proudly represents the land it comes from, with tangy orange notes and bitter citrus. In colour, this vermouth has a lively orange hue making us think of those log fires at Christmas and crimson tones. The tasting notes are fragrant from vanilla and caramel to aromatic orange and orange blossom.

Carmeleta Naranja can be enjoyed at any time of the day as an aperitif or as a pudding, and what’s more, it is the only orange vermouth out there! They call it “la revolución naranja”. It is best served very cold with ice.

If you would like a flexible vermouth which is vibrant yet enjoyed at all hours over this festive period, you can head to to find out more!

8. Carmeleta Rosso

A dark rich vermouth in colour synonymous with the look of a rich, delectable Christmas pudding! The Carmeleta Rosso is the complete opposite to the Naranja, as the Rosso has a whole other palette of spices like ginger and Saigon cinnamon.

The rosso offers more intensity- notes of liquorice and with a particular aromatic structure, this vermouth is a bold aperitif and one to get the festive cheer going. Check out to read more about it.

9. Olave Blanco

Olave are one of the younger producers in our collected, founding their vermouth house in 2014 with the aim to revolutionise the taste of vermouth today- both increasing the popularity of the drink, yet simultaneously maintain the tradition of the production process.

A delicate white vermouth, Olave Blanco is best enjoyed in warmer climates around this time of year. The Blanco is a perfect aperitif to accompany cured cheeses or crisps, as the sweetness from the vanilla balances out the salty flavours. It also has hints of lemon for a little surprise.

If you would like to find out more, click here:

10. Olave Rojo

Macerated with 80 herbs and spices, the Olave Rojo is a whole other playground compared to the Blanco. Olave Rojo is aged in oak casks for over three months to get a deep rich flavour as well as a wonderful mahogany colour.

It has a light touch of balsamic which adds to the aromatic experience, and is best enjoyed with pickles and aged cheeses. It is also a fantastic partner for cocktails mixed with whiskey, aged rum or vodka.

To view its smart gold bottle and find out more head to El Vermut’s shop.

11. Valdovinos Blanco

Bodega Valdovinos is based in Huesca, near Zaragoza in the Northeast of Spain steeped in history.

Macerated with white wine, which gives its straw-like colour. Although closer to a pastel tone in its bottle, Valdovino’s Blanco should not be overlooked.

Valdovino’s Blanco vermouth is similar to Olave Blanco, best enjoyed on those warmer days. It brings a refreshing taste to those gatherings or for that evening aperitif. Visit for more information.

12. Zecchini

Vermut Zecchini is the creation of one of the oldest vermouth houses out there. Dating right back to 1940, this vermouth will transport you to a plaza in the city centre. Zecchini’s Rojo sits on the palette long after you have finished your first glass. It is rich in flavour yet refreshing, with gentian and cloves among other spices.

Zecchini’s Rojo is best served chilled with ice and a wedge of orange.

To try Zecchini’s oldest recipe, with friends or in front of a log fire this festive season, head to El Vermut’s shop to grab a bottle

Salud y vermut!

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